Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Cylon Jewelry is Made of Foam

So you can stop guessing now. I'm going to Comic Con this year as Six from Battlestar Galactica. Geoff is going as Baltar.

This is my attempt at her bracelet, which you can see a little better here. It is made of craft foam, that weird stuff at the craft store that I have no idea what it is for. Or what else it is for, because it is great for making cosplay props.

And this is her giant ring. I might need to paint this one again, it's not shiny enough. I already have a cool wig and some hot shoes, so now I just have to polish off the dress and I'm good. Also I should probably work out some.

There is a great tutorial for making armor out of craft foam here. This is basically the same method. Broken down:

1) Buy thick craft foam, you can buy it at Joann Fabrics (Michaels carries the thin stuff but the thick is much easier to work with)
2) Cut to appropriate shape.
3) Hold foam piece over heat source (stovetop, hair dryer) being careful not to burn it.
4) When foam gets floppy, form foam to the desire shape and keep it there until it cools.
5) Coat foam with mod podge.
6) Finger paint the foam piece with Rub n Buff. Rub and buff it until it's glossy.
7) Coat again with mod podge.

That's it. Great cheap props.

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Unknown said...

I Love this. Going to make the bracelet!