Wednesday, July 16, 2008

and me without a costume

(photo above by Flickr user djwu)

I went to Anime Expo this last weekend (or whenever it was now)(wait, where am I?). My friend Derek works for anime DVD distributor Media Blasters ("More than just Hentai!"), and he got us exhibitor passes, gratis. These passes had super powers; we were allowed to walk the wrong way in one way lanes.

My husband assured me that this was a professional convention, more trade show than Comic Con. Um, no!! Anime fans are the craziest cosplayers. They will cosplay for anything! See above.

Their was a much higher ratio of cosplayers/civilians than at Comic Con, and I felt a bit undressed. So many people in costume, and me just in my khakis. What anime character would I cosplay as? I have no idea. But Geoff did get me this Naruto sleeping cap, cuteness.

Ah, that's better.

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