Saturday, June 14, 2008

Starbuck Swirlimagig Pillows

Somewhat inspired by this awesome hat by QuirkyKnitGirl, I made these pillows for my friend Brian, who generously makes his TV available for cable-less buddies on Battlestar Galactica night. The squared off Ikea couch in his living room was crying out for throw pillows.

The fandom aspect is very subtle; you would have to be a fan of the show to recognize this. And even if you are, it's hard to see that this is supposed to resemble Kara Thrace's wacky painting of the "Eye of Jupiter." Here's a pic of the so you can join the coolness.

See? The fringe, it's like the edges... and the free hand quilting is like brush strokes. Right? I have new found respect for quilters, by the way. It's hard to get everything right when all your stitches are on display.


i wish i had a penguin friend said...

you are such a well rounded crafter! quilting now?!?!

jancola said...

LOL, well, probably not ever again! My machine was unhappy about it ;)