Saturday, June 28, 2008

Swap o Rama... rama

Went to the Venice Swap o Rama Rama with my friend Charlotte and had a blast.

There were two station where people were making bags, I should have taken pictures of this, but they were made out of shirts at one station, and pants at the other, using the hardware already on the clothing. You could make a really complicated looking bag out of a shirt with a zipper in about ten minutes (given the right shirt!).

I found some swell sailor jeans. They are a bit too short, so I'm going to hem them to capri length when I get some more denim needles.

I stenciled on a Greek key design, a pattern I'm fond of, in yellow.

I found a plain ivory Merona knit top and I added some fun appliques.

I have always pronounced "applique" wrong ... even though I think I have been corrected before. A-plee-kay, not a-pleek. Must remember.

I also met Lincoln, the fellow who makes this needle felted Yeti wonder. He's the one who corrected me on my French there. Needle felting is not the craft I had imagined. Apparently you're basically sculpting shapes out of wool with a needle, and it can be quite hazardous. Rar!


castelane said...

The yeti is wonderful! I also make a needle felted abominable snowman. I have a contest to win one right now on my blog.

I also have a movie on my site of me making a needle felted sheep with my daughter. It's free and great for anyone wanting to try out this unique craft! Take a look at

i wish i had a penguin friend said...

I like the applique you did :) I wish i had gotten a chance to make some cool stuff! At least I grabbed a few cute things that I saw on the tables :)