Monday, October 27, 2008

Potions and Such

Happy Halloween everybody! This idea has been around for a while, but I took inspiration mostly from this page.

Many of my supplies are from Party City and the dollar store, and all my jars are recycled. Vinegar jars are the best; they come in many interesting shapes. From left to right:

  • Pickled Succubus Fingers - clear plastic Halloween fingers, covered in hot gue and soaking in water (with red food coloring) in a salsa jar.
  • Faerie Dust - sparkly confetti, in an old spice jar.
  • Werewolf Bones - plastic Halloween bones, burnt with a match and touched up with red paint, in a jelly jar.
  • Eye of Scrod - gooey Halloween eyeballs, in yellow food-colored water, in a caper jar.
  • Hair of the Muse - fake hair from the dollar store (what is this for?), in a vinegar jar.
  • Dried Amaranth - selections from cheap potpourri, in a pickle jar.
  • Vampyre Blood - orange hand soap mixed with red and blue food coloring, in a mustard jar.

If you are using water and want to keep your jars for future years, mix the water with household cleaner to keep the water from growing stuff.

The labels are laser printed on linen paper that has been scrunched up, dipped in coffee, and pressed dry between paper towels and heavy books. I used Excellentia in excelsis for the titles and Note This font for the writing (both are free). I also used the letter "e" from Floralia for the corners, and various Flourishes found online. I arranged them all on one piece of paper, for easy printing.

They are glued to the glass and then Mod Podge'd for durability.

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