Monday, April 20, 2009

Jewelry Organizer via Threadbanger

I got this idea from Threadbanger. It is a jewelry organizer made out of an 8x10" picture frame I got at Ross.

I made this for a close friend for a very, very late birthday present for my friend Lissette. The Threadbanger version just hangs earrings, but I added necklace hooks to the bottom of mine. The hooks are made from re-purposed paper clips.

Check out these earrings. I got them from my aunt a while back; they are authentically from the 80s. They are like crazy plastic peacock feathers. My cats thick they are tons of fun, but sadly, I do not have pierced ears. Good-bye crazy 80s earrings, I hope you are appreciated in your new home!

Saturday, April 18, 2009

But Please Don't Smash This Pot

While I love Zelda, I do think it is curious how it encourages breaking and entering. Why is there always money in the pots in people's homes? Why do those people not care if you come in, break their pots, and take all their money?

Still, when I decided I wanted to edge a design on the side of the jar I use to hold my laundry quarters, a Zelda pot naturally came to mind.

I used Armor Etch to scratch in the design, following this method, which I heartily recommend over the contact paper method described on the package. In progress:

And in action:

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Good-bye Galactica

Battlestar Galactica signed off for good on March 21st. I have some problems with the ending... mostly the missiles ex machina, and the, um, head Starbuck? But overall it's a good show and a magical fantasy ending doesn't really ruin the whole thing.

But I digress. Ron Moore makes a cameo appearance in the final episode, and my blog got a lot of hits from this because my Ron Moore photo is on the first page of a Google image search. I have just been informed that he is actually wearing the exact same shirt in my picture as he did in the episode.

Behold the geeky comp my friend Mark whipped up. See the gray shirt with the red starburst there? Yeah! And we are in the same order and everything, it's like we were psychic :)