Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Everything's Coming Up Ultrasuede

Sorry! I've been bad again! Don't forget I have this adorable excuse.

I've actually been doing a surprising amount of crafting, just not much that's blog-worthy or geeky. But hey, I'm going to post some of them anyway. Here's Charlie's favorite:

I made a new cover for my memory-foam-not-bean bag. I bought this chair from a company that doesn't exist any more, and my cats went to town on the original twill cover, so it needed to be replaced by something more durable.

I made the cover by tearing apart the seams from the old cover and using it as a pattern. I even re-used the original zipper.

It is the most comfortable chair you can imagine, and as you can see here, Charlie loves it.

Look, it matches my futon!

I actually wrote a letter to the company that made this futon cover and asked them if I could buy some fabric off them. They sold it to me, at cost!

Since I had a little extra, I made some straps to help keep the futon cover from slipping down. Because I hate when futons do that.

They attach with buttons, in case you want to try to hold up a futon mattress of your own.