Thursday, April 28, 2011

Mission Accepted

Hi! Sorry it's been a while. I know that's something I say fairly often, but still. Sorry. I have a baby who is quite fascinated by the moving shiny needle, and it is rather hard to sew.

I'm still working on two costumes this year for Comic Con, though. Here's the beginning of the first one:

I'm going with a Knights of the Old Republic group, where I will be filling in as Mission Vao. If you are familiar with the game, Mission is a Twi'lek. So yes, in caser you are wondering, I will have giant brain tentacles coming out of my head.

Here's the beginning of the brain tentacles. Lissette's brother-in-law, Josh, is helping me out with these. Usually I just get to hide under a wig. This year I get to be blue and wear lekku, that is way further out!