Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Q: Where Have I Been?

A: Exiled from my computer, since it was parked in Charlie's room. But now I've moved it to my bedroom so I can use it while he sleeps. His room is now totally his.

And he owns it.

"What's going on??"

I can't hang anything on the closet doors as they are plastic, so I attached a Doctors Without Borders free map to them with bright blue painters tape.

The plates on the wall are printed with Norman Rockwell images; they are antiques from Geoff's grandmother. The night light is Ikea.

Geoff's quilt from when he was a baby, my mobile, and a beautiful Baby Mod crib from Walmart.

There is a whole lot of Totoro in this room.

Even hiding under the telephone.

I need to get a basket or something for his cloth books that don't fit in the sling - does anyone have a good storage solution for these?

The image on the left is from Etsy vendor mere designs, the wood blocks in the middle came from Finland via Geoff's same worldly grandmother. And the numbers on the right are my own design.


Jenny O said...

i love the room, especially the Totoro and the hippo fabric you used for the curtains! :) mr. Charlie is a cutie too!

Cosplay said...

Awesome pics of charlie's room, aur charlie is too cute.