Wednesday, January 30, 2008

One hot loser

That's me, there, in the pink dress. Yes, I cosplay *cough*loser*cough. OK. It's very easy to make fun of, but don't knock it till you've tried it, because it is really freakin' fun. Also I look cute.

We forgot our camera, so I found this photo on a fan site, of sorts. This is why it's fun. People get so excited!

I'm dressed as Dr. Girlfriend. And no, I can't do the voice.

I make my costumes from scratch... badly. I don't really use patterns, or do a muslin version first, or really have a plan. I kind of look at stuff I have that is vaguely similar and then work straight ahead. Somehow this sort of works.

The dress is made from pink Joann(fake) linen; I really wanted it to look tweed-like without being as warm or bulky as tweed. The fabric looked great at first, but it was a mistake to use something so wrinkle-prone (see photo). I think if I'd lined this, it would have worked better, but I am so lazy.

The perfect pillbox design is actually in Saturday Night Hat by Eugenia Kim. I believe it is called the Wedding Cake Hat; this is adapted from that. It is a great book that I recommend to anyone who wants to make some simple hats.

Mah kinky boots are made by Pleaser, they are white patent leather go-go boots, and while they have a substantial heel, they are surprisingly comfy and stable. While shopping for the best price, I noticed that they seem to be marketed to drag queens. Ha. Anyway, I bought mine from ebay, but they can be found at CosWorx.

The gloves are from Claire's Accessories. These are actually the gloves from my wedding... yes! Recycling!

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