Friday, March 14, 2008

Miz Bear TP Cozy

When I was growing up, my mother had one of those oft-insulted toilet paper cozies. It was crochet or macrame, and it had a face - a cat I think. It was a little silly. But you know what? There was always toilet paper near the toilet when you were doing your business, and that is important.

So I really wanted a toilet paper cozy. I spent some time on Etsy and I found these, by LK Craft Creations. But I couldn't find the color I wanted, and really, the crochet might be a little much.

So I went thrift shopping trying to find a doll, a beat up abandoned Barbie, maybe, and I couldn't find any. It was weird. But I did find that bear, it was a Hallmark bear that sang a terrible song. I gutted her innards, removing the awful music box. I picked some fabric from my scraps that matched my wallpaper, then I sewed the dress and the ruffle and the hat around her.

Her name is Miz Bear, because she may be related to Mistah Bear. I think the hat makes her look very official, like a concierge. A concierge with toilet paper.

"Oh, my goodness! How embarassing..."

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