Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Comic Con 08.... more!

Some new (last?) pics from me and flickr.

Me and Geoff with some random steam punk awesome.

This Jayne hat (from Firefly) may have been the most common bit of geek apparel at the con. This one was interesting because it was a knit/crochet hybrid.

A much more involved Firefly homage... Kaylee's fancy dress.

Baltar with J. Michael Straczynski (creator of B5). Geoff always manages to feel foolish in front of this man... perhaps it is the costumes?

An enthusiastic Phoenix Wright. Phoenix Wright is a wacky lawyer game on the Nintendo DS.

Dr. Strange, the Sorceror Supreme. I've always kind of wanted to dress Geoff up in this costume... to laugh at him. I mean, I'm not laughing at this guy, this guy is rad, I just think Geoff as Dr. Strange would be off-the-hook hilarious for some reason.

From Flickr:

I like my evil red eyes in this one. Like in the random box set art! You can also see my (scrapbook paper) bracelet really well, and enjoy how badass Geoff's jacket is. I had to adapt the pattern from a women's coat pattern (Butterick) and it turned out pretty well.

This is my favorite pose of Geoff's. He looks very studious, like he truly is a brilliant scientist plagued by guilt at having accidentally killed billions of people. And I am truly... tired. Good enough.


Jodi said...

Hey Jessica--we met last night at the Craft Mafia. Your costumes are FANTASTIC! Your Six is even better than the other one I saw. Her wig was too curly and I actually thought she was Marilyn Monroe at first--Ha!

I may try to make the Jayne hat. I couldn't justify the $35 for it and I believe there are patterns online.

Anonymous said...

I love your blog I read through the whole thing while at work! That's bad!! I love your costumes. We should totally trade blog links, I am gonna put you on mine!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful stuff Melissa! Thanks for the link back :)