Thursday, September 4, 2008

TRON Bib and Burp Rag

This is a commission for a friend, whose coworker has just had a baby girl. TRON is more important to this coworker than I am allowed to explain here. Ha. That sounded dirty (it truly isn't).

The bib pattern is from The Purl Bee. It was exciting to be able to craft for a baby. I always see great crafts for babies, but alas, there are no babies in my life. Which is probably a good thing, but still... cute bibs, man.

The applique on the bib is a Light Cycle, and the applique on the burp rag is a Recognizer. Does it look like an M? I should have planned that one out a little better. Maybe if I am lucky, M is also important to this coworker.


Anonymous said...

That's... different. :)
I don't really get the tron thing, but they are cute anyhow.

Anonymous said...

LOL, sorry, I was trying to be vague... the baby's father is involved with the production of TR2N... somehow. Not allowed to say :)