Sunday, October 26, 2008

Halloween Costumes p. 1

We had a Halloween party last night. I dressed as Sarah Palin, and Geoff dressed as John McCain.

Oh! Did you see what I did there? Sorry. Geoff insisted I make that joke. He came up with this costume by himself, and he really enjoyed it.

Makeup was from a makeup kit he found at CVS meant for making a puppy dog (?).

The jacket he already owned. He bought it many years ago at a thrift store thinking, and I am not kidding, "Hmm, this would be cool if someday I wanted to be the joker for Halloween." He bought the vest at a thrift store yesterday, just hours before the party, and painted it green with thinned out acrylic paint. The pants, we dyed purple with RIT dye.

The craziness, Geoff supplied himself.

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