Sunday, February 22, 2009

Belated Birthday To Me

Last month I took part in a "January Birthday Swap" on Craftster. I made a present for someone else born in January, and then someone else made a present for me.

I made my person this book-inspired pillow:

The pillow is inspired by this beautiful work by Patchwork Pottery. The book exterior is quilter's cotton, and the "pages" are corduroy.

I admit my literary ignorance, that I did not know there was a writer named "A. Trollope" but I did giggle a little bit as I embroidered this.

I got an awesome blue scarf from Craftster user Yelutci:

Again, sorry it has been SO LONG since I have last posted. Expect more of the same, unfortunately, as I will be working heavy overtime until May, and barely have time to wash my underwear, let alone craft. Sadness :(


Natty said...

Hooray for WORK! So glad to hear you are busy! Time for crafts will come. :-)

leosevents said...