Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Surprises in the Closet

Hello everybody. It has been a while. I've been very busy... if you want to see what I've been crafting these past few months, go see G-Force :)

I have been doing some crazy spring... well, summer cleaning. While manically going through my bedroom closet, I found an old shoebox, and in that shoebox was my wedding bouquet, all nicely dried and preserved by my cousin. Here is a picture of me, my cousin Dagmar, and my bouquet.

The bouquet was in surprisingly good shape. Before I left for my honeymoon (three years ago!) I asked my cousin, my Maid of Honor, to "take care" of the bouquet for me. I basically just meant hang it upside down for me and see if it dries out, I don't know. But I was being, ahem, kind of a "bride" that week, so I think Dagmar was a little scared of me. And so she did a really great job drying out my bouquet. I think she used the spray and everything.

So I finally pulled out that shoebox, and did something with my bouquet.

I hope you are pleased Dagmar! I think it looks great. I had this shadowbox lying around that I had never used, but it was medium oak which did not work in my bedroom. I bought some Folk Arts "warm white" paint and decided to go Shabby Chic with it. Because what is more Shabby Chic than dried flowers?

This Friday should be my last day of work, probably for a long time. Hope to blog again soon!

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