Sunday, October 16, 2011

Staff of Newspapers and Duct Tape

I actually have some non-Dragon Age related crafts coming up real soon, I swear. Halloween!!! Anyway...

Geoff mentioned more than once that he thought the Anders costume really needed a staff. "He's not a mage without a staff," he insisted. But I didn't know how to make something like that, so I went about the internet until I found this amazing blog, where the author explains in detail how she makes incredible WoW staves.

I don't think I'll ever be able to make anything on that level, but I was inspired to make something like this staff. I started with a large stick and a bunch of wire, from the hardware store. I wrapped the wire around the top of the stick and then taped it down.

Then I wrapped it in newspaper and duct tape, and formed it into something like the shape I wanted.

Then a layer of paper tape. I made the spines out of cardboard and taped them on.

After that I started with papier mache.

My first few layers were old school newspaper strips and Mod Podge. I had to do this on my patio, so everyone in my building started asking about my weird dragon sculpture. Yeah, now they know...

Then I built it up using papier mache powder (CelluClay). This stuff was more difficult to work with than it appeared in the video, so I'm not sure if I mixed it wrong or if it was a different brand, but it looked a lot like igneous rock when it hardened. Still, very strong and hard.

Then I finished with a layer of gesso, to smooth it, and black-brown acrylic paint.

I wish I had known that gesso came in black because that would have made painting it a lot easier.

The staff has some glowing green eyes. I happened to have some "jewels" left over from the Morrigan necklace, I cut the centers out of these and used them for shiny eyeballs.

I hot glued them on and then painted around them with puffy black fabric paint, to give it an "eyelid."

And that's it! A very cheap, if somewhat time consuming, mage staff.


i wish i had a penguin friend said...

Zomg looks so awesome

Unknown said...

if i asked you to make me a dragon age cosplay could you?
id be happy to pay you for a great mage costume. my email is