Friday, November 6, 2015

Trunk or Treat!

Halloween's a little past but I need to post this for Geoff's sister.  Hi Rebecca!

Charlie's school had a Trunk or Treat event this year, and since I have a station wagon and like making stuff, we volunteered.  We did a Harry Potter car, and I was McGonagall.  Note my in-character, not amused stare.  

I made all our costumes.

Charlie was Harry, natch.  I wish we'd gotten a better picture of him :/

I'm really really proud of all of this, but the thing I feel like I really want to point out is the balance because if I don't you would never see it. 

It's an ornament hanger from the thrift store, the bottom of two Ice Breakers containers, some round picture hangers, and bent wire, all painted gold, then finished with some jewelry chain, lobster claws, and a brass stamping from my stash.   

Kind of involved, but a witch cabinet isn't complete without a balance right?

Potions, ingredients and books.  I've been collecting cool little bottles for a while because I like witch cabinets for Halloween, so I just added a few recognizable ones to my collection to make it Harry Potter (see the Veritaserum and Polyjuice).  They're all filled with 99 Cents store stuff, junk from my yard, household items, etc.

For books, I found a bunch of Harry Potter book covers on the HP wiki, and then I filled them out with some old faded books I found at the Salvation Army.

That 'herb' is the top of a bunch of carrots, no real herbs wasted.

Bubbling brews.

The top cauldron is dry ice in water, heated in a very tarnished chafing dish I scored at the Salvation Army with a Sterno.  I put it on a spare tile I had in the closet, to try to keep it fire safe.  It still made me a little nervous, but it was really spectacular and the kids were all fascinated.

The near one, however, is just spiderwebs :)

Geoff loaded a small tablet with a shot from the movie and looped it, and then I stuck it in this fancy picture frame.  Moving picture achieved!

The floating candles are these candles from Amazon.  Kind of a splurge but they are so cool!  

I hung them from the ceiling by spanning a wooden board between the back seat handlebars.  The candles are strung on fishing line, and then threaded athrough a piece of posterboard supported on the board.

I have them hung in Charlie's room now because they're so pretty.

Every Harry Potter car needs a Golden Snitch.  I bought this from Amazon, and then painted it gold because it should be gold, why is it not gold?  It's hung with fishing line.

And Dumbledore!  Geoff rocks the beard.  We forgot his glasses though, I am kicking myself.

Finally, the two dementors are wire and cardboard draped with various scrap and 'spooky' fabrics, and then I glued some skeleton hands to the ends.   I'm keeping them to hang on my door next year.

How was your Halloween?

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