Friday, January 4, 2008

Knitted (River) Tam

I have been seeing tams, those giant slouchy knit hats, a lot lately, and I like them. In honor of River, I'm making a blue one (because rivers are blue-ish). Here's the pattern I'm using, an amalgam of some different ones I've seen.

Size 7 circular needles
Worsted weight yarn (wool-ease in denim)

-Cast on 72 stitches.
-2 rows seed stitch (knit-knit-purl-purl)
-Proceed in stockinette (knit-purl) until 1.25" long
-2 rows seed again

-Increase to 96 with k3 (knit 3), m1 (make one)
-Rib stitch 4x4 until 4.5" long

-1st row: p2tog (purl two together) in the center of each depression (decrease 12)
-2nd row: proceed with rib
-3rd row: k2tog (knit two together) in the center of each stockinette section (decrease 12)
-4th row: proceed with rib
-Continue in this fashion until 12 stitches remain. Sew together.

UPDATE: I learned something about myself. I f@#$ing hate circular needles! And I don't have the patience to figure out DPNs. So... screw this!


i wish i had a penguin friend said...

hey! Come out on thursday to the los angeles craft mafia meeting!

jancola said...

Ah I totally saw this too late :(

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