Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Long Throw Pillows

So thanks to Jelly Wares, I felt confident making these two pillows not match. I think it actually works pretty well. Anyway, I am too busy working on my next cosplay to fix it right now, so I stuffed them this weekend and this is how they will stay.

Inspired by images of Chinese dragons chasing pearls, I made these appliques to dress up my lackluster Target pillows. I've never made an applique before... this may be apparent. I used an awesome calico quilting fabric from Joann called Snakeskin. It looks like scales up close. The satin pearl is made from my scraps pile, and it is exactly the size of a spool of thread, imagine why.

Some people like to call Chinese dragons long, the Chinese word, to separate them from Western dragons. Although similar in appearance, they are very different mythologically. The long is not villainous or frightful, it is a symbol of power. The pearl it chases symbolizes prosperity. My husband would also like to point out that the one on the left is an "S" so he thinks that this design is now our family crest or something.

I added some more stuffing to the pillows while I was at it, because they were a little flat, and inserted a zipper, because these pillows were pretty tough to make, I want to be able to wash them.

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