Monday, June 30, 2008

Lily of the Valley Skirt

I made a flippy skirt with the Lily of the Valley cotton I bought on impulse a while back. I intended to wear it to the 21+ SATC screening at the Sherman Oaks Arclight (you must go, it is wonderful, both the movie, the theatre, and the cocktails) but I ran out of time and wore something much less fabulous instead. But it's done now. It's a half circle skirt with a green jersey waistband and cotton lace trim.

Half circle skirts are super easy. Here's some quick instructions for your skirty pleasure:

1. Add seam allowances to all measurements (well, except for the waist/6.28 measurement - you'd want to subtract your seam allowance from that...) and cut the fabric.
2. Sew the half circle together in the back, inserting an invisible zipper.
3. Hem the bottom. You probably need to hem it shorter in the front because of le butt. So try it on and pin it before you sew to make sure it hangs straight.
4. Cut a piece of fusible interfacing the height of the waistband, sans seam allowance. Iron to wrong side of bottom half of the waist band. Fold waistband over and iron, then iron down seam allowances.
5. Sew one side of waistband to skirt, then fold over and sew the other side down.
6. Neaten waistband edges, and add hook & eye or button closure at waist.

The jersey waistband was added on top of this because I wanted to stiffness of a real waistband, and the lace was added at the end, just because.

It's very fun to wear, its swirly and old timey and demure. And also cool (temperature cool, not cool like, I'm awesome) which is very important in the San Fernando Valley. I've been wearing it there a lot. A stranger happened to compliment the skirt at The Dressing Room and just about made my year.


Jodie said...

The skirt looks great, well done... Thanks for sharing the pattern..

Jodie :)

Agnes said...

Beautiful! I should start trying to make skirts ... that would come faster than knitting one! LOL!