Monday, September 22, 2008

Fishy Towels

This is the gift that accompanied below card. My aunt-in-law recently painted her kitchen green, and their house has an aquatic theme (uncle-in-law is a marine biologist).

The stripes on the fish were a happy accident; the fusible web would not stick to these Target towels, so I was just trying to keep the appliques attached. I ended up really liking the stripes, though. The button is vintage, and the fabric is a fabulous scrap of cotton.

Here is my applique pattern, feel free to use:


yimi said...

Wow! the fish is cute. Thanks for sharing.
I draw my own patterns by pencil, very old fashion way and slow, but I'm thinking to learn computer drawing.Could you let know which software you used to draw this pattern?


jancola said...

Um, old fashioned... with a pencil! I just scanned it into Photoshop and then used the "Stroke" thingy to make it look all clean.