Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Still Crafting

Hello there! Sorry it's been a while. For an unemployed person, I've been very busy. Between applying for jobs, I have been cleaning and fixing and getting rid of everything that has been wrong with my apartment and life for the past year. Damn, I love being unemployed. I wish I did not also love money.

I've been working on a big craft project, which is revamping a beat up sewing desk I got on Craigslist, but since that's not done, here are some cute coasters!

I got this idea from a neat sewing book I picked up at the library, Sewing Projects In An Afternoon. I'd been thinking about doing quilted coasters for a while (these pinwheel coasters being one inspiration), but the brilliant idea of not piecing them inspired me to actually do it. The top fabric is a denim print from my stash, and the backing fabric is the faux dupioni from this project... I'm so glad it was useful for something.*

Okay, style question: I'm thinking about making matching placemats using the denim fabric and this poly brocade - what do you think?

One more question: Does anyone know of a tutorial for making a fabric box that I could store these coasters in neatly? Alrighty, thanks for listening!

*In fact, I fully reject the notion that you should immediately get rid of scraps. Scraps are awesome; most of my projects use scraps in some way. I keep them neatly in a clear plastic bag.


Mal said...

her eyou go:

jancola said...

Wow, thanks, those look awesome!