Friday, January 16, 2009

That's a Wire Wrap

I love wire wrap, but I've always been too intimidated to try it. Still, I had this beautiful beach stone that I picked up at my friend Charlotte's wedding, and I really wanted to make it into a necklace for her. So romantic! And worth learning a new skill.

I used All Wired Up, by Mark Lareau, to get started. It was the only wire book available at my local library; luckily it was quite good. The illustrations are clear and the writing is simple. I managed this pendant in an hour or two, and I think it's pretty swell.

Despite his advice to buy fancy German tools, I made do with a set of tools I bought for $6 on Black Friday at Joann Fabrics. They actually worked well enough. The wire at Joann, however, is not so good. At the first bend, the copper began to show through the silver. Next time I try this, I will invest in some real metal.

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