Sunday, July 11, 2010

This Post is g33ky - Morrigan Skirt

Since I've lost all the baby weight and then some, I decided to go to Comic-Con in costume this year! Possibly with Charlie! And since I'm still obsessed with that game, I'm going as Morrigan (my top is slighty less boobtastic).

Here's the skirt.

This is possibly the most well-constructed piece of clothing I have ever made. The invisible zipper is vaguely invisible!! I kind of want to wear it around my normal life. But don't worry... I won't. Probably.

It's made of ultrasuede and is patchworky. I got the studs from Tandy Leather in North Hollywood, and the fake leather and suede fabric are from

The pleather flaps are flippy and fun to walk in.

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