Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Tour of the Living Room, Part 2

Time for more living room crafts, with host Charlie the flying baby.

Geoff took this photo, that's why it's all artsy.

If your monitor is really bright, you might be able to see to the left of the adorable cherub, behind the TV, there's a fun wall hanging.

I bought one of those college dorm room "tapestries" at Bed Bath & Beyond one time for a film shoot. I decided I liked the fabric but I'm a little too old for pinning trippy fabric to the wall, so I mounted it on canvas stretchers like in this tutorial. Enormous, 48" canvas stretchers are from Dick Blick.

This is a great way to cover a lot of white wall, and cuts down the glare behind the TV.

I had some extra from the borders, so I turned them into bolster covers (see here) and also added some trim to my curtains.

Main curtain material is Liz Claiborne Lilly Meadow, and the the curtains are installed with grommets, just like the ones in the nursery.

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