Friday, May 30, 2008

Insert Clever Mafia Joke Here

I went to my second LA Craft Mafia meet up last Tuesday at Saints & Sinners in Culver City. These have been really fun. The first meeting Mark Montano of the Big Ass Book of Crafts came out and showed us how to make stamps out of craft foam (it's good for something other than props). I made a butterfly.

We also got to look at his book, which really is Big Ass and pretty sweet.

This week Sonya Nimri visited, promoting her new book Beadalicious. She brought some great glass beads and showed us how to make branched jewelry. I don't have pierced ears so I made a pendant, but these looked fantastic as earrings.

I've never been a jewelry maker, but the book has a lot of good simple ideas. I really like one where she shows you how to make a cameo. She has another book that I want to check out called Just for the Frill of It, about adding trim to blah clothing.

The Mafia meets once a month, check the website for more info, it's really fun!

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